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5 Reasons to Outsource Human Resource Management

22 Jul 2020 | HR, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Outsourcing

1. Cost Effective and Value Adding

Once business leaders have decided to establish a more structured human resource management function, finding a Human Resource management executive who can handle all aspects of the function, becomes an issue.

While with E.L Blue’s outsourced HR model, the business not only has a dedicated HR professional on-site, but also the E.L Blue team to provide support in specialist areas as needed.  In essence the business gains not only the benefit and cost savings of having a professional manage their HR, but the added leverage and value of having the back up of a much bigger HR management team.

2. Improved Employee Experience

A dedicated human resource function, provided by an outsourced human resource manager, can deliver best practice human resource services to all employees for the entire time they are with the company.  A professional human resource function will ensure all the basic requirements are met, but also implement a variety of programs that will excite and thrill employees and ensure that while they work on great offerings for the business, the business is offering them to best place to work.

3. Specialised Human Resource management skills when you need them.

Outsourcing the Human Resource function the E.L Blue way, not only provides an HR generalist to handle the day-to-day transactional requirements, but backs them with a specialist team of experts from all areas of the human resource function.     For example the business may have a tricky Employee Relations or Industrial Relations matter, our ER/IR specialist is available to support the on-site HR manager to look after both company and employee interests.

While with E.L Blue you might only have one HR manager on-site, they are supported by a team of specialists who build out the function.

4. Free up line management to focus on core responsibilities.

Outsourcing the company’s human resource function allows line managers to focus on leading and managing the team, establishing strategy and working with clients and growing the business.  Outsourcing HR leaves the administrative human resource management issues to a specialist, who has the knowledge and process to get the day to day issues sorted quickly.  In addition having an HR professional available means that line management can seek advice and get answers fast.   Having a specialist looking after HR issues is good for the business, management and the employees as each can look after their own responsibilities.

5. Ensure compliance

Constant changes in Employment law, legislation, policy and procedures is enough to drive most CEO’s and MD’s crazy.

E.L Blue’s on-site HR manager takes away the concerns management may have on ensuring the company remained compliant, and would be supported by the E.L Blue team when policy changes were made.   Not only does the business benefit from having the daily human resource management requirements professionally met, but also has access to specialists can ensure the management team is kept advised of the legislative developments and ensure any requirements are implemented professionally.