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Annualised Wage Resources

Resource pack to assist with Annual Wage Arrangements.

E.L Index

The E.L Index is a comprehensive monthly analysis of employment trends at executive level.

Helpful Videos

Watch our helpful videos.


Links to useful information from Fair Work Australia, Find an Award, COVID19, JobKeeper Subsidies and updates

HC Online

HR business processes outsourcing is big business overseas, and the trend is picking up here. Lynnette Hoffman looks at the common benefits and challenges of HR BPO and why it’s important to do your homework before making a decision.

Manufacturers Monthly 2

IN the current tight labour market conditions, many companies are finding it hard to obtain and keep the right employees, and this in turn can have an impact on growth and the bottom line.

Manufacturers Monthly 1

THE most common mistake companies make in recruitment is not creating a proper person specification to detail what skills or personal attributes you are looking for, how these can be demonstrated in the applicant, and how you are going to get this information.

Boston Consulting Group

From a Boston Consulting Group article July 2012. We have condensed the report to highlight the key findings.

Leadership Challenge – CEO Magazine

A landmark study has put a spotlight on Australian workplaces, ultimately making a compelling case for investment in holistic leadership.


E.L Blue’s various areas of expertise mean that we save money and it’s convenient

Over the years we have developed a great relationship with E.L Blue. Their various areas of expertise mean that we save money and it’s convenient. Our dedicated E.L Blue HR manager knows our business inside out and delivers projects which are catered to our needs of the business. Would highly recommend E.L Blue for a more cost-effective solution to your HR needs.

Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has always provided us a strong return on investment

E.L Blue has always provided us with a strong return on investment and their Payroll Team are the best I’ve worked with to date. They look after all payroll matters and are always on top of any legislative changes which allows me to work on other priorities. I can always rely on the E.L Blue team to deliver on time and accurately.

Senior Manager
Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner who has helped us grow our business through recruitment, HR advice and practical policies and procedures. It also helps that the team are very pragmatic and are very open when I just want to discuss potential staff related ideas.


E.L Blue provides us with tangible and direct contribution to our bottom line

E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources across a number of countries which has a vastly different employment rules and legislation. This results in tangible or direct contribution to our bottom line. We are now experiencing exceptional sales and double digit profit growth.

Former Managing Director

E.L Blue gives me accurate and effective guidance

As a small business owner, I really don’t have any time to make sure I’m up to date with complex employment legislation. Working with E.L Blue allows me to get accurate and effective guidance over the phone when I need it most. It really does give me peace of mind knowing I can ring a team with that amount of experience at any time.

Managing Director
Luxury Fashion

E.L Blue handles all of our Human Resources functions

Since about 2008, we engaged with E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions and in fact all of our day-to-day administration in relation to all of our employees’ issues and matters. It was only recently we reviewed E.L Blue performance and I must say we believe we have made the right decision

Managing Director

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