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How to be more effective at recruitment and training

THE most common mistake companies make in recruitment is not creating a proper person specification to detail what skills or personal attributes you are looking for, how these can be demonstrated in the applicant, and how you are going to get this information.

My experience is that 80% of bad hires come back to the specification being wrong or not clear enough.

In sourcing candidates, it is particularly important to devote enough time, energy and money to finding appropriate applicants.

To be successful in a tight applicant market you need to cast a wide net, particularly in relation to hard to find skills areas such as engineers and toolmakers. If this is not done you can play around with insufficient efforts for a long time and in the end waste more money than you save.

A wide variety of search avenues is available including current employee contacts, which can be a rich source of candidates. Other avenues include relevant industry magazines, capital city dailies and local newspapers, and specialist recruitment websites.It is important to stay consistently in the market with advertising. To obtain the necessary skills in a tight labour market can easily require a minimum of four advertisements at selected intervals.

You should also be prepared to meet or slightly exceed the market price where there is a tight applicant field, and to devote sufficient time to the recruitment task to facilitate a successful outcome.

Once the person is on board the old rule about people making their mind up about a company on the first day is worth keeping in mind. Make the induction process interesting and welcoming, and allocate someone who can buddy them and look after them in their early days.

Effective training

Ensuring a training program that meets current and projected needs requires careful thought about the company’s strategy for the future and what skills will be needed to assist in meeting objectives.

Once this is defined, the hard work needs to go into developing or sourcing training programs that can deliver these skills. For specific skills, this can often mean developing internal people as trainers because these skills could be difficult and/or expensive to source externally.

Time needs to be invested in this, which means an increase in direct hours, as both the trainer and the trainee will have reduced efficiency in the short term. This won’t happen unless the business accepts this requirement, budgets for it, and takes the time to justify the expense by identifying the reasons for undertaking an appropriate training program.

One or two day training courses offered for specific hard skills can be very useful, but similar training courses for soft skills are often a waste of time. Once back on the job, it is a very rare supervisor who is able to employ the new leadership technique that the guru was talking about on the second day after lunch.

Soft skills training requires changes in behaviour that are delivered through consistent training programs for both leaders and followers, backed up by coaching and reinforcement on the job to deliver real change.

Clever coaching can be more effective than training for soft skills. If facilitated well, a program involving small work area groups will often deliver as much in communication and teamwork skills as it will in efficiency-related outcomes.

Recruitment and training are areas that businesses often don’t allocate enough time or resources to. In both areas you can sometimes get away with a minimum level of expertise, activity and success. On the other hand, properly planned and managed recruitment and training activities can deliver a real competitive advantage.

Greg Puttick, General Manager, EL Blue


E.L Blue has always provided us a strong return on investment

E.L Blue has always provided us with a strong return on investment and their Payroll Team are the best I’ve worked with to date. They look after all payroll matters and are always on top of any legislative changes which allows me to work on other priorities. I can always rely on the E.L Blue team to deliver on time and accurately.

Senior Manager
Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner who has helped us grow our business through recruitment, HR advice and practical policies and procedures. It also helps that the team are very pragmatic and are very open when I just want to discuss potential staff related ideas.


E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources

E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources across a number of countries which has a vastly different employment rules and legislation. This results in tangible or direct contribution to our bottom line. We are now experiencing exceptional sales and double digit profit growth.

Former Managing Director

E.L Blue manages our Human Resources

As a small business owner I really don’t have any time to make sure I’m up to date with complex employment legislation. Working with E.L Blue allows me to get accurate and effective guidance over the phone when I need it most. It really does give me peace of mind knowing I can ring a team with that amount of experience at any time.

Managing Director
Luxury Fashion

E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions

Since about 2008, we engaged with E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions and in fact all of our day-to-day administration in relation to all of our employees’ issues and matters. It was only recently we reviewed E.L Blue performance and I must say we believe we have made the right decision

Managing Director

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