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Can’t get no satisfaction (from HR outsourcing) ?

28 Sep 2021 | HR, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Outsourcing, Organisational Development, Recruitment


When a business does not want to maintain an entire human resource department, but wants a solid HR function, many HR outsourcing options can’t provide satisfaction.

Are you satisfied with compliance advice and some standard templates and documents ?

Outsourced Human Resources has often only included advice, templates and standard documents that the company can use to remain compliant.  Dial-in support is sometimes available for an additional locked-in subscription fee.  Implementing the solutions and utilising the templates remains the responsibility of the stretched management team. 

E.L Blue’s approach is very different, our outsouced Human Resource business partner becomes part of the management team.  Working closely with management, E.L Blue establishes the business’s objectives and human resource goals .  In addition to handling day-to-day matters, our HRBP executes the necessary long term programs to meet these goals.  E.L Blue’s team moves the Human Resource function from being an administration function, to being a business capacity building function. 


Are you satisfied with limited services and / or multiple vendors ?

HR outsourcing is often only considered useful for executing human resource administration tasks.  The market is full of specialist providers of  services such as Payroll, Comp & Benefits management, HR Information System management (HRIS), Recruitment (RPO) services, HR Consultants etc.   While individually effective, they don’t integrate all the parts into a strategy.        

E.L Blue takes a wholistic approach to Human Resource outsourcing.   By taking on and manages all the aspects of Human Resources, E.L Blue’s outsourced HRBP handles it all,  from hiring to firing and everything in between.    E.L Blue’s extensive team of subject matter experts delivers an integrated solution that meets all business requirements. 

Are you satisfied with ad-hoc human resource management initiatives  ?

For most businesses, human resource management function consists of the bare minimum to remain compliant.  Changes to HR occur  when faced by ‘problems’, ‘issues’ or ‘challenges’.  In many cases HR development initiatives are executed by non-specialist line management, sometimes under guidance from HR consultants.  What often happens is a great initiative is started, but not finished, or a flurry of new ideas are launched, but never land.      

Human resource projects should be considered with the whole business in mind.  They should not be isolated initiatives and should incorporate all of HR’s many functions.  E.L Blue works with senior leadership to craft short, medium and long term HR programs.  Each program addresses a business requirements and are not just band-aid solutions.  E.L Blue’s embedded HR business partner executes and guides the programs according to a pre-determined timeline and agreed targets. 


Get some HR satisfaction

Have a talk with E.L Blue about our HR outsourcing offering, to see how you can be satisfied by HR outsourcing.