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Case Studies

Automotive industry manufacturer…

Following the takeover of this company, there was an urgent need to implement innovative systems to ensure ongoing viability and to maintain continuity of supply to major customers.

Key decisions included the out-sourcing the company’s entire labour force to E.L Blue, so that the company did not have a single non-management employee. The central requirement was to increase organisational and labour flexibility through the use of both permanent and casual workers in a highly unionised environment.

Reviews conducted by E.L Blue revealed that a staffing reduction of over 40 percent was possible while still maintaining output and quality levels. This was achieved through initiatives such as multi-skilling, better production scheduling and higher operator training.

With E.L Blue’s commercially effective people management productivity levels soared by over 280 percent in one year alone, enabling a former loss making company to become a profitable and sustainable business.

Fortune 500 global manufacturer…

This company is a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company (a global manufacturer with 2007 revenues of US$5.9 billion). The E.L Blue team manages the human capital function for Australian employees.

Initially, this contract involved the management of significant cultural change as the five different divisions were merged into one entity. The Australian subsidiary was not profitable and the workforce was disengaged and disillusioned. E.L Blue devised and delivered programs that would get the divisions cooperating as one unit with a focus on growth and profit.

After extensive review of the workforce, the E.L Blue team delivered a suite of programs to inspire and engage the employees, including a very successful Kaizan program that improved the production process. The contract is in its fifth year and has consistently delivered a workforce that is performing at a high global standard of competitiveness.

International Biotechnology Company

Significant about this partnership is that the E.L Blue specialist human resource team manages employees across a number of vastly different employment regimes of Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

This client owned higher sophisticated and patented medical technologies and needed to gear this into sustained international growth and profitability. E.L Blue pro-actively supported the people management issues including search and selection of the local and international management team. Outsourcing the human capital program to E.L Blue meant that managers were able to focus on core business activities like marketing and distribution.

E.L Blue’s role was to drive people initiatives to ensure risks were being properly managed, business-driven culture was translated into work output, and reward systems were in place to attract and retain the best talent. As a result of this strategy, the company has invested in training and communication programs that have significantly raised employee satisfaction and aided in the continuing growth of the company.

This contract is in its third year and has delivered a commercially focused biotechnology organisation that is now experiencing exceptional sales and profit growth. E.L Blue ongoing responsibilities include international recruitment, management of extensive cultural change, implementation of detailed induction and training programs, and career planning.

Large electrical products manufacturer

This contract is in its fifth year and follows a management buyout of the Australian subsidiary of a major international company. There was a major need to change the culture of the workforce to ensure survival after the ownership change and the emerging competition from China in the long product run segment of its market.

Initially, the workforce had a highly unionised, inflexible culture with high absenteeism and injury rates. E.L Blue introduced multiple programs to engage and multi-skill the workforce. Absenteeism is now under 2 percent and lost time injuries are unknown. Improvements in efficiency and flexibility have made the company highly competitive and very profitable.

Customers have moved their long production run requirements to China as predicted, and the company has been able to replace that work and grow with a shift to greater value-engineered products, and customised short run products that are not threatened by cheaper overseas products.

A medium sized Australian manufacturer

This manufacturer is in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and competes against some of Australia’s largest companies to win and hold a significant national market share.

A recent major review of E.L Blue by the executive, board and venture capital investors proved we had exceeded all expectations in cost benefit return and compliance.

The E.L Blue team not only produced these benefits in the main organisation but was able to gear up and deliver on time returns when the company won a major component of an infrastructure tender requiring the setup of a ‘green field’ manufacturing and distribution subsidiary interstate.

E.L Blue is able to deliver legal compliance, productivity and performance measurement, succession planning, retrenchment, absenteeism measurement and reduction, processes and policies, OH&S and day to day management of all employment related issues at a higher level and at lower cost than the client’s competitors.

"The CEO's of the following clients have agreed to the publication of these details.
In most cases they would be prepared to meet personally and discuss their E.L Blue experiences with the CEO's of interested organisations."


E.L Blue has always provided us a strong return on investment

E.L Blue has always provided us with a strong return on investment and their Payroll Team are the best I’ve worked with to date. They look after all payroll matters and are always on top of any legislative changes which allows me to work on other priorities. I can always rely on the E.L Blue team to deliver on time and accurately.

Senior Manager
Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner who has helped us grow our business through recruitment, HR advice and practical policies and procedures. It also helps that the team are very pragmatic and are very open when I just want to discuss potential staff related ideas.


E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources

E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources across a number of countries which has a vastly different employment rules and legislation. This results in tangible or direct contribution to our bottom line. We are now experiencing exceptional sales and double digit profit growth.

Former Managing Director

E.L Blue manages our Human Resources

As a small business owner I really don’t have any time to make sure I’m up to date with complex employment legislation. Working with E.L Blue allows me to get accurate and effective guidance over the phone when I need it most. It really does give me peace of mind knowing I can ring a team with that amount of experience at any time.

Managing Director
Luxury Fashion

E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions

Since about 2008, we engaged with E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions and in fact all of our day-to-day administration in relation to all of our employees’ issues and matters. It was only recently we reviewed E.L Blue performance and I must say we believe we have made the right decision

Managing Director

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