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Following the Vein – HRM and resource projects

13 Oct 2020 | HR, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Outsourcing, Recruitment, Resources

The lifecycle of a resource project includes a number of distinct phases which often incorporate a range of staffing solutions.   It is not uncommon for projects to have a mix of full-time, part-time, casual, contractors and free-lancers working at any one time.   This staffing mix can change (up-scale or down size) quickly as the project progresses.  Ensuring the management of the team is as professional as possible adds another layer of complexity for the leadership team.

The resources sector is very familiar with outsourcing or contracting to specialist organisations, and outsourcing the human resource management function is a natural extension.

Human resource outsourcing offers scalability and flexibility while delivering a consistent professional and sophisticated human resource management service to all stakeholders.

The following case is an example.

The Situation

Our client a global player in the resources sector was developing a project in rural NSW.  The project team was headquartered in Sydney and given the lean nature of the organisation, it was decided that the most effective HR management option was to outsource the entire function to E.L Blue.


The Solution

Setting the HRM Foundation

As this project was established as a new entity it was necessary to ensure all team members were employed correctly.

– New employment agreements and contracts were prepared.

– Existing employees were transfered into the new entity.

– HR policy and procedures were established.

– Payrolling and the HR information system was handled by E.L Blue.


Upsizing – Recruitment

As the project developed it was necessary to bring on specialist talent.

– Assess talent requirements and determine appropriate channels – (contractors, consultants or permanent staffing).

– Devise and execute attraction and recruitment plans.

– Recruited specialist functions (including WHS team) to meet industry and regulatory requirements.


Downsizing – redundancy management

The timeline for the approval process had blown-out and the investors determined that it was becoming less likely that project approvals would be granted in the near term.

– Job requirements and staffing levels were determined.

– A redundancy strategy was developed and executed in-line with legislation and to the best possible interest of staff and the company.


The Outcome

E.L Blue’s HR management capacity was able to work with the client to put in place an effective human resource management function which provided a foundation to support the project team to grow and shrink as the project proceeded through its lifecycle.

From the client perspective they had cost effective and quickly scalable HR capacity that would react quickly once required.

The HR foundation is still current as the project is mothballed pending progress of the approval process.