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Free Money – JobSeekers joy ?

24 Oct 2020 | HR, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Outsourcing, Recruitment

JobSeekers in the drivers seat.


A COVID 19 Paradox !

While many industries are being smashed by mass unemployment, others are struggling to recruit talent.

Many businesses that were shuttered or had to downsize because of COVID 19 restrictions, are facing the perplexing situation of being unable to staff up.

As retailers dust off their recently dormant bricks and mortar operations, hiring staff for stores and outlets is proving very challenging as JobSeeker payments appear to be prefered to  some retail jobs.

Tight talent market

Only 3 weeks ago human resource teams were confident that recruiting for the festive season would be a breeze, as applications for job adverts rolled in.  However, within a week, candidates that were once keen for any opportunity are appoligising as they reject your offer.

Even a rapid 2 – 3 day screen, interview and offer cycle is too slow.  High quality candidates have mutliple offers in hand and are being snapped up on premium terms. 

Hot sectors

Infrastructure spending has ramped up demand for talent across the construction industry.

Constructors, contractors, consultants, suppliers and distributors are all struggling to recruit staff.

Agriculture has a widely acknowledged challenge as restrictions to movement have limited capacity to recruit labour to bring the harvest in.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and staffing teams are now developing aggressive strategies to source and attract candidates.  Employers are sharpening up their employee value propositions,  scrounging  money from the marketing budget and working hard to develop the right message and approach to attract the candidates.

Will JobMaker give an edge ? 

The question is will the government’s JobMaker credit of $200 per week for eligible new hires benefit businesses in tight markets. Will they be able to offer that little bit extra to attract the right talent ?

All the free money is a boon for some industries and by extensions puts some jobseekers in a great position.


Check the link below for more details on the JobMaker hiring credit.