Welcome to E.L Blue, your tailored HR consulting solution for business success. With our expert team and decades of experience, you can focus on growth while we handle all your HR needs. Our streamlined processes and strategies mean you will never have to pay for recruitment again. Let’s drive your business forward together, hassle-free.

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Why Choose Us

Tailor-made Advice

We don’t just hand out a program leaving our clients to implement.  We become the team that develops a first-hand understanding of the unique needs and culture of the company. 

Decades of Experience

Our team of specialists have decades of experience in delivering world-class Human Resource programs, giving our clients the resources to tap into our input when and where they need it.

Solid Foundation

As a solid foundation is essential to business growth, we support your organisation in creating an effective HR structure and strategy, setting you up for success.

Cross-sector Solutions

Our diverse customer base across several industries allows us to provide our clients with a high level of expertise and insights to provide tailored advice and solutions to your specific business needs.

Wholistic Delivery

Our programs are all-encompassing and each work together to deliver best practices in all areas of HR.


We offer the flexibility of delivering the same functionality of a large HR team through an embedded HR manager without having to hire an internal team.

Cost Effective

One fixed all-inclusive fee – no hidden extras. E.L Blue is your dedicated HR department and provides everything you need- including recruitment, to ensure your organisation has comprehensive and seamless human resources support.


Our model provides scalable solutions and provides your organisation with an HR Team that is as large or small as needed for your business; eliminating wasteful overstaffing and streamlining your performance management.

Our HR Consulting & Management Services

Our unique approach to outsourcing HR means that we work closely with your organisation to devise an HR plan that will help to streamline your organisation’s pain points and improve organisational performance across all sectors. Here is a scope of our services:

HR Operations & Compliance

We take care of the day-to-day management of human resource functions onsite as your outsourced HR team. This includes but is not limited to employee relations, implementing HR policies and procedures, maintaining records, adhering to legal requirements and processing payroll.

Talent Acquisition & Integration

This service scope involves sourcing, screening and hiring qualified candidates aligned with your organisation’s needs. We also facilitate the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring that new employees are effectively integrated into the organisation.

Staff Performance & Development

We set up learning and development programs designed to manage and enhance employee performance within the organisation. This service scope is an ongoing process by which we conduct performance evaluations and identify opportunities for professional development and career growth- creating a collaborative and progressive work culture.  

Compensation & Benefits

This service includes reviewing and conducting compensation, benefits and recognition packages for employees. It includes salary structuring, benefits administration and ensuring compliance with compensation-related regulations.

Employee Relations & Mediation

If your organisation is dealing with employee conflicts or personality clashes, we are here to help mediate and provide a neutral support system to encourage teamwork and mediate disputes.

Strategic Workforce Management

We work together to align your organisation’s workforce with your key business goals and objectives. This includes analysing current staffing needs and forecasting future developments, identifying skill gaps and setting your organisation for success. Additionally, we look after succession planning, talent management and workforce restructuring to support your organisation’s growth and sustainability.

Health & Safety Regulations

This service is dedicated to ensuring safe and healthy work for employees. This includes implementing safety protocols, conducting frequent risk assessments and providing safety training and education for your employees.

Labour Relations & Legal Compliance

We work closely with your organisation to ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations are upheld. This includes handling employee complaints, negotiating collective agreements, and mitigating legal risks.

AI Integration Tools & Processes

Integrating AI tools into organisational processes streamlines operations, helps to automate repetitive tasks, and unlocks valuable insights. Our transformative approach boosts efficiency, agility, and innovation, propelling businesses to thrive in the new digital era. Read more about our unique approach here.

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Hear From Our Clients

Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen
06:19 30 May 24
Very professional HR team
Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen
06:18 30 May 24
Mathieu JonesMathieu Jones
01:59 06 Sep 20
Great team to work with
Mark LeeMark Lee
00:02 12 Aug 20
Our company has worked with E.L Blue for last 6 years. We have been satisfied with their professional and enthusiastic cooperation all the time and also appreciate their team's close relationship with our employee and proper/timely advice. Especially we have really good experience with working with Greg who is a General Manager of EL Blue. Actually he has conducted a very important role to our company for going through the difficult situation with his invaluable dedication/advice. Unless we had his support, it would have been very hard to accomplish that project. Once again, we express our appreciation to his effort and help. All the best to Greg and his team. Most of all, Stay safe and healthy !
Bhauna SinghBhauna Singh
06:20 21 Jul 20
E.L Blue is an organisation you want to work with and for. The principal values of how this business was established are instilled within its team. The business has various trusted advisors that ensure the clients are receiving the best service and advice from years of experience and collaboration. The training and development they put into keeping their employees and clients up to date are not like any business, it all about resolving issues and providing valuable business support. When clients come on board they stick around for a long time and this shows the value E.L Blue brings to any business big or small.
Tellus TradingTellus Trading
06:24 16 Jul 20
It has been great to work with such a professional human resource management business. Very responsive and knowledgeable.
06:09 16 Jul 20
This is a very professional outfitThe team that runs our Human resource function are very knowlegable.It is great to have an HR input that really contributes to our company's success and profitability

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Frequently Asked Questions about HR Outsourcing & Consulting

What is outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing HR is when companies contract an external HR Consultancy agency to streamline your HR activities such as employee training, fine-tuning administrative activities, compliance checks and handling HR issues that arise.

What do HR consultants do?

HR consultants provide expert guidance and services to organisations through strategic planning, recruitment and staffing, employee relations, and training programs. They also work closely with organisations to handle conflict, ensuring that organisations are adhering to labour laws.

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing HR can bring a range of benefits to your organisation, such as saving costs, mitigating risks and gaining specialist advice on HR processes and compliance. This allows businesses to focus on streamlining their core business operations and strategic objectives.

How much does an HR consultant charge?

HR consulting services fees can vary based on the scope and complexity of the HR project. E.L Blue works closely with your organisation to provide HR support, adhering to your organisation’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your human resources needs.