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Success Stories


The Challenge

A US company recently secured a two-year contract to base an advertising blimp in Australia. Not having an Australian business entity, our client approached E.L Blue to assist them to employ a 10-man air support crew, provide Human Resource support and take care of payroll.

The challenge for E.L Blue was to recruit a reliable team who were prepared to travel around Australia, have the stamina to be on the road for an extended period of time, be flexible and be physically fit.

The Solution

Our team began by developing a structured recruitment process that ensured people employed matched the behaviour and skill profile required. We then sourced relevant candidates and conducted subsequent interviews, reference checks and pre-employment medical checks. We then prepared and issued employment agreements for the successful candidates before managing the onboarding process for each employee which included full access security passes to airports around Australia.

The Result

Initially taking the time to really understand the business needs (and managerial style) our client got us off to a great start as we were able to match a candidate’s skills and fit appropriately to build a stable and reliable crew. Additionally, we were able to provide sound Australian employment law advice and manage the end-to-end recruitment process for all personnel.

Our client was totally delighted with our level of skill and competency. Our ability to exceed their expectations resulted in their own ability to exceed their client’s expectations.



The Challenge

Our client is one of the leading Australian companies in the field of Over the Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals in Australia. Because of their success, they were suffering from consistent growth and had over twenty different positions in the company without any salary structure or career progression for employees. The main challenge here involved establishing a formal remuneration structure to provide a consistent and relevant framework for remuneration and conditions of employment for all of their 70 employees.

The Solution

This significant challenge required a process that included:

  • Benchmarking all positions individually against industry market data.
  • Identifying the Company’s remuneration philosophy moving forward.
  • Developing a Remuneration Policy and training the leadership team to execute it.
  • Creating a methodology for adjusting salaries in the future as determined by individual performance, company performance and market conditions.
  • Implementing a Remuneration Review process for objectively assessing whether additional or changed responsibilities of a position would be eligible for an adjustment in salary.
  • Determining how to handle salaries that fall below the minimum in a salary band and salaries that were above the maximum of a salary band

The Result

The implementation of a formal system setup and an attractive opportunity for high calibre professionals whilst also fostering an ongoing loyalty and commitment to the company from existing employees.

The results of the process also ensure remuneration and conditions are practical, robust, fair and equitable at each level across the organisation, making employees feel secure and motivated to work.

Turnover of employees was reduced dramatically. This reduced costs and increased productivity benefiting the company’s bottom line substantially.



The Challenge

After careful analysis with our client, we identified an opportunity to improve the performance of the work teams. E.L Blue developed and delivered a program that would build the leadership and management competencies required to grow their business.

The objectives set were indeed challenging as this client wanted all their managers to complete the training with at least 70 percent of those assessed as meeting bench marked expectations in each competency.

The Solution

The team at E.L Blue developed and executed the following improvements by:

  • Creating a new leadership competency framework.
  • Delivering leadership and management development programs to address competency gaps in three key areas:
    1. Maximising Performance – a program showing managers how to set smart KPIs and have constructive performance planning and review discussions.
    2. Managing Unsatisfactory Performance – a program showing managers how to develop and execute a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and how to develop and execute a legally compliant disciplinary process.
    3. The Shift – training and getting employees to comply with a Code of Conduct, Business Ethics and new HR Policies and Procedures.

The Result

Senior management has reported a ‘cultural mindset shift’ amongst their managers over the past 15 months. They have found their managers to be completely focused on their role as skilled motivators who are now using the people management tools and skills they’ve learnt to achieve the performance they need from their employees. Productivity is up, staff turnover is down, costs are down and profitability has increased.



E.L Blue’s various areas of expertise mean that we save money and it’s convenient

Over the years we have developed a great relationship with E.L Blue. Their various areas of expertise mean that we save money and it’s convenient. Our dedicated E.L Blue HR manager knows our business inside out and delivers projects which are catered to our needs of the business. Would highly recommend E.L Blue for a more cost-effective solution to your HR needs.

Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has always provided us a strong return on investment

E.L Blue has always provided us with a strong return on investment and their Payroll Team are the best I’ve worked with to date. They look after all payroll matters and are always on top of any legislative changes which allows me to work on other priorities. I can always rely on the E.L Blue team to deliver on time and accurately.

Senior Manager
Electrical Manufacturing

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner

E.L Blue has been a cost-effective partner who has helped us grow our business through recruitment, HR advice and practical policies and procedures. It also helps that the team are very pragmatic and are very open when I just want to discuss potential staff related ideas.


E.L Blue provides us with tangible and direct contribution to our bottom line

E.L Blue manages our employee relations and Human Resources across a number of countries which has a vastly different employment rules and legislation. This results in tangible or direct contribution to our bottom line. We are now experiencing exceptional sales and double digit profit growth.

Former Managing Director

E.L Blue gives me accurate and effective guidance

As a small business owner, I really don’t have any time to make sure I’m up to date with complex employment legislation. Working with E.L Blue allows me to get accurate and effective guidance over the phone when I need it most. It really does give me peace of mind knowing I can ring a team with that amount of experience at any time.

Managing Director
Luxury Fashion

E.L Blue handles all of our Human Resources functions

Since about 2008, we engaged with E.L Blue to handle all of our Human Resources functions and in fact all of our day-to-day administration in relation to all of our employees’ issues and matters. It was only recently we reviewed E.L Blue performance and I must say we believe we have made the right decision

Managing Director

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