Have you had internal workplace conflicts or personality clashes that are affecting your business’s productivity? It may be time to consider hiring a workplace mediator to help facilitate discussions productively and professionally. Workplace mediation is an effective and practical solution to conflict resolution. By seeking a workplace mediator such as E.L Blue, you can improve team dynamics and workflow as it fosters a more positive and collaborative working environment.

What Is Mediation in the Workplace?

Mediation in the workplace involves hiring an impartial third party to help resolve workplace conflicts or disagreements in a safe and comfortable environment. It is a confidential and voluntary process to find mutually acceptable solutions to workplace disputes. The elected mediator helps to facilitate communication, fostering mutual respect and helping parties to find common ground without escalating the issue further. This allows participants to collectively reach an agreement in a structured and non-biased environment.

When Should You Seek an Independent Workplace Mediator?

Unsuccessful HR Interventions 

If you have already attempted to resolve the situation through HR interventions or internal team discussions, it may be time to seek an independent mediator. Independent mediators offer legally informed, unbiased advice and help facilitate healthy discussions and resolutions in a neutral environment.

Sensitive Workplace Conflicts

It is also beneficial to seek an impartial mediator when the conflict involves sensitive issues that require a non-biased party to facilitate resolution. This ensures that that issue can be resolved professionally without making an external legal complaint.

Save Costs

It is also a cost-effective solution to workplace disputes as it helps to de-escalate the situation without legal repercussions and provides a productive space for team discussions.

Our Approach to Workplace Mediation

At. E.L Blue, our approach to workplace mediation focuses on neutrality, confidentiality and professionalism across the whole process. By working closely with your organisation’s goals, we create a space where open communication and active listening by all parties are encouraged. Overall, our goal is to ensure that all parties are heard equally, to facilitate constructive dialogue and to foster mutually beneficial solutions.

Our mediation process takes place over these three steps:

Facilitating One-on-One Discourse

We begin with meeting with all parties individually to get a holistic picture.

Fostering Collaboration

We bring together the involved parties for open discussions to highlight any concerns or issues they may have. 

Harmonising Perspectives

We encourage and support the different parties to find common ground and resolution in a productive manner.

Get in Touch with E.L Blue’s Certified Workplace Mediators

If you are experiencing workplace conflicts, personality clashes or disputes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with E.L Blue’s team of mediators. Our team of experts is here to guide your organisation to resolution without escalating the situation, providing objective and informed advice. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can support your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace Mediation

What are some examples of mediation in the workplace?

Requiring mediation in the workplace includes resolving conflicts between colleagues, disputes over job responsibilities or how workload is distributed, and misunderstandings between managers and employees. It can extend further into interpersonal conflicts, discrimination or harassment allegations or disagreements over organisational policies or procedures. When these issues cannot be resolved by internal discussions or HR interventions, it is best to seek professional workplace mediators to resolve them.

Does E.L Blue offer virtual workplace mediation services?

Yes, E.L Blue offers both virtual and in-person workplace mediation services to facilitate conflict resolution across Australia. We work closely with your organisation to provide you with solutions that work best for you.

When is mediation not appropriate in the workplace?

Workplace mediation may not be appropriate if there are imminent threats to safety, legal actions are immediately required, if immediate disciplinary action is required or if the dispute is too significant for a mediation to address effectively. If a more extensive investigation is required, E.L Blue also offers workplace investigations, supplying your organisation with the tools needed to resolve any HR issue effectively and efficiently.

How are E.L Blue’s HR consultants qualified for conducting workplace mediation?

With almost two decades of experience in workplace mediation across a wide range of industries, our team of mediators at E.L Blue have a deep understanding of organisational dynamics and resolving workplace disputes. E.L Blue consultants have undergone in-depth training and are well-versed in resolving disputes effectively and efficiently.