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Recruiting ? Think marketing

23 Sep 2020 | Human Resource Management, Human Resource Outsourcing, Recruitment

5 things to keep your recruiting in a marketing mindset..

Counterintuitively, now is the time to activate your recruitment strategy, bring on the talent your business needs going forward.  Although there appears to be plenty of available talent, it is important to treat recruiting as a marketing activity.

Create an employer value proposition  

It is important to remember that as an employer you have to market to talent, and to attract them, the business needs to offer value.

It sounds complex, but is quite straight forward.

This value proposition should be the sum of the benefits that candidates will get by working in your business – it will be made up of things like job scope, work value, development opportunities, training, team, products, clients, technology, compensation, benefits etc.   Any and all of these factors might be a draw for a candidate. Spend some time mapping this out, and make sure it is a pillar of your message.

Advertising Copy 

Don’t just take the old job description and post it on a job board.

Job advertisements are ‘advertisements’, treat them as you treat all marketing copy.   Be creative, write for your audience, get the value proposition in the advert, encourage engagement and target it.  Get your marketing team in on it, marketing to possible employees, is like marketing to possible clients.

It is good practice to have a look at how other companies are posting advertisements and see what you might be able to use and what is not appealing.   See how you can differentiate your company and the job.

Advertising and Promotion

Recruitment is a marketing effort, and you want this effort it to be targeted to the right people, wherever they are.  It pretty well known that most jobs are not filled from adverts on job boards – job boards are good for active job seekers – but for your jobs, passive job seekers might be a better target … so don’t just rely on a job board, a recruitment campaign needs to be broad. 

Channels – consider where your candidates are, and market to them via as many channels as possible.  Examples might be ;

  1. Job boards,
  2. Social media,
  3. Company website,
  4. Industry associations and Events,
  5. Graduate / student channels,
  6. Community groups,
  7. Media and Press,
  8. Direct mailing etc.

Any channel you use for marketing, might be good for recruitment !!

Referrals  – let the people that know your business best – promote it and any job opportunities that you might have. 

  • Employees & Staff have networks and are great sources to refer talent.
  • Clients love your business and have a network of connections that can also refer talent.
  • Previous candidates / ex-employees know your business, might not be suitable for current roles, but are sure to know people.

Direct approaches – go after the people you know and want.

  • Competitors talent can add value to your business, and it is likely that your team will know them, have a chat see what comes of it.
  • Previous applicants to jobs, might be right for the current opportunity, reach out and see who might be interested.

Cast the net wide and use all the channels you have, promote your company and the opportunities wherever you can, candidates will come from surprising places. 

Engage / Reply / Give Feedback

It is important to engage in a positive manner, with all interested parties, it is your company’s reputation and image at stake. 

Respond to all applications – aim to be prompt, and try to personalise the response.  It is surprising how happy candidates are to get a response to their application.    

Acknowledge the application, thank the candidates for their interest, and indicate the process, timeframe and next steps, if they warrant further consideration.   

If candidates are not suitable, reject as soon as possible and offer to provide feedback.  It is your company’s reputation, you want to leave a professional impression, today’s candidate might be a customer or future customer or client or business partner.

The candidate experience should be considered in the same way as a client experience.  

Interviewing and after Interviewing

COVID 19 has made travel and face to face interviewing difficult, however with video conferencing now the norm, decision may have to be made without a face to face meetings if recruiting inter-state or internationally.  

If you have decided not to make an offer to a candidate – let them know as soon as possible.  Don’t interview and leave them hanging – give feedback, good or bad, and allow them to move on.   For candidates you have interviewed, giving them a call, providing personal feedback leaves them with a positive feeling, yes the discussion is hard, but the personalised touch is usually appreciated. 

Candidates that you want to give an offer, need to be kept warm, if you are interviewing them, it is likely others are too.  Get the offer out quickly, delays can make candidates less willing to accept.

A final thing to remember is that the one thing candidates dislike the most about the recruitment process, is not getting a response or feedback.  If during your recruitment process you focus on engaging and providing feedback, you will find your company has a great reputation and candidates will retain a positive impression.

Remember – Recruitment is a marketing effort.